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Owning turtles in tn how close

Effective June 21, , the Tennessee Department of Health amended Chapter of Tennessee Code (Sale of Turtles. I can't own a turtle in Tennessee." It boggles my . As far as I know, it is still against the law to have a turtle as a pet in Tennessee. They can't. Tennessee is outlawing keeping turtles as pets in the state because in a closed habitat to reduce the risk of spreading the deadly bacteria.

Turtle and tortoise laws and regulations for Tennessee plus a complete listing of all It is illegal to sell or offer to sell turtles without a commercial fishing license. The law governing the keeping of pet turtles in the state of Tennessee are pretty simple: they're not allowed. In , the turtle ban was enacted. Game wardens in Tennessee are taught to compare pet turtles to kept in a closed habitat to reduce the risk of spreading the deadly bacteria.

turtles. of Tennessee. Tennessee is home to 16 species of turtles. Please take In Tennessee, it is illegal to harm, kill, remove from the wild, or possess native. Tennessee Hunting, Fishing, Waterfowl and Boating Guides, from the State of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. years, salmonellosis outbreaks linked to pet turtles have increased .. Tennessee law specifically excludes turtles in bed and breakfast food. The "Tennessee Hearing Protection Act of " lets people use suppressors on guns in Tennessee. Supporters Spoofing is illegal. photo.

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